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Shababeek can help the world’s greatest brands go cross-platform by helping them reach and engage connected consumers through Premium Content, as well as tailored, scalable advertising services. Revolutionize the way you advertise by being exactly where your audience spends the majority of its time. We provide communication solutions that work.

By offering a complete and integrated solution for Brands, Shababeek is the perfect partner to create Digital Content that works. From Ideation to Organic Distribution, Shababeek is your one-stop shop for all a brand needs to deliver stellar native digital video campaigns.

Our Services


We conceive of concepts based on brand needs, talent fit and audience relevance. Whether responding to an agency brief or working with local creative clusters, we strive to maintain the authenticity of our short-form content to secure brand-audience engagement.


We manage talents, shoot in situ, and post-produce content using our in-house production team. We also selectively co-produce formats with leading talents, leveraging our production know-how and their online clout to elevate format quality.


We are platform agnostic, understanding that distribution has to be organic to be successful. We operate on multiple distribution fronts, combining the talents’ native SM channels and our Shababeek network to achieve the guaranteed media views.