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We partner with select content creators across the Middle East to offer brands bespoke solutions delivered in the form of tailor-made content Formats that both highlight brand attributes and values, while maintaining an optimal level of authenticity.

Why Join The Shababeek Family?

The best content creators work with Shababeek to continue on creating the content they love, while adding to it a layer of Production Expertise when and if they need it. Our partner Creators will work with our Analytics team to improve their distribution and our Sales team to help them better monetize their content. We support you every step of the way.

Optimal Production Values

Our video production experts will help you realise your creative vision by assisting when and where you need, but leaving full Creative Freedom to the Talent. We help you improve your content. Not change it.

Development & Analytics Team

Our Developers & Analytics team works around the clock to give you access to insightful data and insights. Creators will be able to optimize their content for more shareability, improve SEO and better understand their audience.

Monetization Opportunities

Thanks to lucrative partnerships and big distribution channels, talents will finally be able to monetize their quality content at an unprecedented level. We believe in maximizing compensation for our Creators.